Emerald is delighted to let you know that we have moved all our lessons online!


Every morning our students join their teacher and classmates for live chats and an exciting variety of exercises and activities.

Our online students also have lots of online interaction with their teacher and classmates making our online classes fun and social places to learn English.

Our online teaching is a simulation of a real class. Students all come together in one place to learn English and can speak with the teacher and the other students. Students will do the same activities: speaking, reading, listening, videos, vocabulary, and grammar. They will send us writing and receive feedback via email. The method will be a little different, but the learning will be the same.

Additionally, we will have unique activities from our Emerald Learn platform. These are grammar presentations that have interaction with other students and the teacher.

You can do your lessons on your phone or your computer, and we will send you any material you will need.

We look forward to continuing to support our students with their online learning in every way we can.

For more information contact emerald@eci.ie