Immigration Reminder to Students attending English Language Courses

July 4th, 2023

The following notice has been published on the Immigration website as a reminder to English language students wishing to register or renew an immigration permission.

The notice also highlights that non-EEA nationals must only be enrolled on programmes of at least 25 weeks duration.


If you enrol and have paid for an English language programme listed on the ILEP you can register for a Stamp 2 immigration permission of up to eight months. 

You may extend your permission for another eight months if you enrol on another 25-week English language programme. Immigration officials will seek evidence of exam results and attendance. You will need to progress in your studies, by enrolling on a programme with an exam at an increased level.

In order to extend your student immigration permission you must:

If you meet the above requirements, you may study English language courses for a maximum of three permissions of eight months each, to a total of two years. After that time you must enrol on a higher QQI NFQ education programme listed on the ILEP if you wish to remain in the State as a student.

Further information can be found on the Planning to study in Ireland page of the website www.irishimmigration.ie.

Please note: Some flexibility may have been afforded at a previous renewal of your immigration permission due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, the above requirements to extend a permission have not changed and they will be applied in all circumstances.