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Why should you take IELTS?

If you have been planning on going back to study or thinking about improving your English skills, why not take the opportunity now and enroll for English classes online here with us at Emerald. Something to improve your life and use your time constructively during this coronavirus pandemic. We are running online IELTS classes, suitable for students of all levels of IELTS. Our trained, fully-qualified teachers have many years of experience, and are highly dedicated and focused on improving our students’ English.

We focus on improving the four main skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Developing your overall English communication abilities. We have different classes for students of different levels of English, and different amounts of experience of IELTS.

If you are new to the IELTS course we are running introduction courses, where you will be taught everything to become familiar with the exam. We take you through step by step, and give regular feedback and personal advice on your progress. Students are professionally guided using real exam materials. We are also running more advanced courses for students who have already studied for the IELTS exam and are trying to attain high scores.


What is IELTS ideal for?

The IELTS exam preparation course trains you in academic English, so it is an ideal preparation course to do before you go on to do an undergraduate course, Master’s degree or PhD. The course itself focuses on what is most necessary at university, in terms of writing, listening, reading and speaking. It puts you in a strong position to do well on an English-language course at university. Many of our former students who did a Master’s degree or PhD have said they found the skills they learned on our IELTS preparation course at Emerald to be very useful, especially the writing and reading skills.

However, the IELTS academic preparation course is not only useful for university. It also prepares students to have a more professional level of English for their work or daily life. It takes your English up to the next level, giving you the ability to do well in an English-speaking context. The writing course, for example, prepares learners of English to write reports and analyse data, similar to many work-based tasks, while the reading course prepares you to read and comprehend at a high level.

The students in the class are very nice and hard-working. We have a warm atmosphere in the class as well. We have a mix of different nationalities, and I like to give plenty of advice and feedback to students and more focused learning, so they can get the most out of our classes.


So why not take the opportunity and enroll in our course. It will give you something constructive to work towards. It will give you the skills to make your English more professional, and prepare for a better future.


Brian O’Mairtin, Emerald Cultural Institute IELTS Tutor