Top Five Facts to Know about Glendalough Before Visiting

The Valley of the two lakes

Glendalough is also known as the “valley of the two lakes” (Glendalough, 2023). The name derives from the Irish Gleann dá Locha, and is given the name because it is located in a glacial valley containing two lakes (Monastic Ireland, 2014).




The Monastery Site

Glendalough is most famous for the monastery that was founded there in the sixth century by St. Kevin. The remains there contain a round tower, stone churches, and decorated crosses (Heritage Ireland, No Date).



Pilgrimage and Hiking

Glendalough has been a place of pilgrimage for almost 1,500 years. But many people such as hikers and tourists come to visit the site because of its natural beauty (Glendalough Hermitage Centre, 2020).



A mining site

Glendalough used to be a mining site from the 1790s to 1957. Some of the materials found there were lead, zinc, and silver (Glendalough Hermitage Centre, 2020).


Glendalough Today

During the 11th century the site was attacked and burned multiple times. Luckily, the buildings were later built in stone, and the site still stands today (Monastic Ireland, 2014).




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