Renewal Programmes – Immigration Notice

Dear Emerald Students,

On October 9th the Irish Immigration Office published a notice about Visa Renewal Delays:

“The Immigration Services Registration Office Burgh Quay Dublin is currently experiencing a very large volume of applications for a renewal of permission with a current processing time to renew an IRP card of 3-4 weeks.

Following the completion of the renewal of Registration it may take a further two weeks to receive the new IRP card via post. An in date IRP card may be required to facilitate travel to and from the State.

To facilitate Non EEA Nationals legally resident in the State and who are intending to travel over the Christmas holiday period the Minister is urging customers to submit a renewal application online by 31 October 2023.

Therefore, Non EEA Nationals in the State, residing in the Dublin area who are required to apply for a renewal of their IRP card, before or during any intended international travel over the coming Christmas holiday period, should apply online via the ISD online portal as soon as possible.

Considering the current processing times, of almost 6 weeks, the Immigration Services Registration Office Burgh Quay Dublin cannot guarantee that any renewal submitted after the 31 October 2023 will be processed and an IRP card delivered in time to facilitate travel over the Christmas holiday period.

Please note: Regardless of the date a renewal application is submitted or processed, the validity period for renewal of the permission will be based on the current expiry date.”

Please visit the Immigration website for more information: Irish Immigration.