Merry Christmas from us and our furry friends!

Dear students,

As 2022 is coming to an end, we would like to thank you for the time spent together this year and for your support throughout.

Your challenges have been many and various, but you all were able to overcome difficulties and make the best out of your experience. We are very proud of you and happy to accompany you in your life journey, which is also our journey.

Our Christmas Party was a big success! Everyone was amazed by our very special guest: Santa Claus! We convinced him to come to Emerald by talking to him about how studious and attentive our students were this year…

We wish you and your families a Happy Christmas and health and happiness for the year ahead. Some of you will probably fly home for the Christmas break, others will enjoy the festive atmosphere of Dublin.

Wherever you are, whether you have completed your journey at Emerald or are continuing your journey next year, we hope you enjoy Christmas with your loved ones.

With your loved ones and… with your pets!

This year, the Emerald staff decided to share photos of our furry friends. You always see us behind the desks, but we have soft hearts too!




She likes to jump up on people and lick their faces – so she’s too friendly sometimes! She is Lee’s dog, our Financial Services Consultant. You won’t see him around often, but he’s been a constant presence at Emerald for years!




A drama queen and currently auditioning to be Santa’s best reindeer. She is Frances’s dog. Frances is Emerald’s accountant.



Leo looks like a little cuddly toy… but in reality, he has extraordinary drive! He looks like he’s posing for a photo but he’s just looking at a treat… He’s Susanna’s dog, Marketing Executive.


Cindy and Charlie


They are Edel’s dogs, from the Accommodation office. And yes, sometimes Cindy helps Edel with her daily work routine!


Twitch, Rosie, Dermott


Twitch is from Brazil but has been in Dublin for 3 years. She still prefers walking on concrete rather than grass! 15 years in São Paulo! She loves getting up late and taking it easy all day.

Dermott is half schnauzer/ half poodle. He doesn’t do discipline or authority but responds to friendly tones and anything edible. Loves a sofa snuggle.

Rosie is a grand old lady. Loves anything soft or warm. A fine watch dog. Very alert despite taking it easy all day.

They are the lovely dogs of Eugene, one of our teachers.



He is grumpy like the grinch when he needs attention. Dog of Valeria’s friend. Valeria is an accountant at Emerald.


Xuxu and Magali

They are Andressa’s dogs. Andressa is a new entry to Emerald, she collaborates with us from São Paulo and she is our Regional Sales Representative From Brazil! We imagine her dogs speak Portuguese…

Xuxu is the old big brother, who loves to sleep during the day, but is always ready to bark at strangers to protect the house.

However, whenever someone walks in, he’s the sweetest dog ever, and loves sniffing and kissing the guests.

Magali is the crazy baby. She loves playing fetch with her toys and runs as fast as a puma. She likes barking at strangers when the gate is closed. But when they walk in, she runs away because she’s scared of people she doesn’t know. However, as soon as the guests let her take her own time to get to know them, she brings the toys and becomes best friends with them.

They love each other to death, play every day and sleep side-by-side.




Buddy likes Walks, treats and sleep! He is well looked after by Aidan, Conor’s son. Conor is the Director of Admissions at Emerald.