NEW: Integrated Learning Workshops

21st Century Skills + Professional Development topics = Integrated Learning

We at Emerald are very excited to announce our new 2019 Intensive Course. We now offer our students a unique opportunity to increase their employability. Starting in January 2019, all Intensive English courses (level B1 – C1) at Emerald Cultural Institute will include Integrated Learning Workshops. Students will be challenged with developing their soft skills while continuing to improve their competency in English.

What are ‘Soft Skills’? Soft skills, also called 21st Century Skills, are:

Critical Thinking, Creativity, Leadership, Problem Solving, Collaboration and Time Management.

Using these key skills as a foundation, Emerald’s expert in-house academic team have developed a series of Integrated Learning Workshops.

These career workshops will be an essential part of B1 to C1 level Intensive English courses here at Emerald.

Professional Development Workshop Topics:

We understand the demands of a growing global employment market. Our professional development programme aims to prepare students not just for a life through English, but for a career through English.