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How to keep active during lockdown

In order for us all to stay healthy, most governments are suggesting we maintain exercise at home, or in some cases, go outside once a day. During a time like this, it is essential to look after your health and wellbeing by keeping as fit and active as possible. A better mentality and better sleep are two major benefits gained by keeping fit.


Here are some tips on staying active during lockdown:

1. Social Media

Unsure of what exercises to do? Want to exercise but don’t have much time in between work/online lessons? Well, look no further than social media, especially Instagram! Just look up the hashtag #HomeWorkouts and you will be given thousands of videos to choose from! There are also many personal trainers who have taken to social media to do live classes at certain times, so there is bound to be one on at a time that suits you.


2. YouTube Workouts

Much like social media, YouTube has a wide range of workout videos. From classic routines to yoga or Zumba, there are loads to choose from. If you’re looking from looking a little bit easier, we would suggest Body Project  as this channel has a number of low impact workouts. And if you’re looking for something a little bit more challenging, Pamela Reif’s Channel is the one to choose. POPSUGAR fitness  is also good as it has a variety of videos at different levels.


3. Apps

There are so many apps to choose from that will keep you inspired and healthy. Something as simple as the app Qinetic – which has a great deal of classes, which is led by some of the biggest instructors in the industry. A lot of apps have made their premium versions free for the duration of lockdown, this includes Down Dog, which is an app that provides a studio-like yoga experience in the comfort of your own home.


4. Virtual Races

There is nothing quite like the fresh air, if you are able to get outside for a run you should definitely consider it. If you’re a beginner at running, try a quick walk and jog five minutes on and off. Build up slowly. Put a bit of variety into your outside exercise by exploring a new route. For the more experienced runner out there, as all races are cancelled, there are plenty of virtual races to keep the motivation up. Apps like Fitbit allow you to host virtual competitions with your friends. Having a goal to keep you going makes it so much easier.


It can feel quite hard to keep fit during this time, but if you stick to a routine, it will get better the more you do it.