Have Your English Recognised by Oxford University

2022 is a great year to be an English-language learner! Especially if you want to take the only language test certified by one of the top universities in the world – Oxford University!

Every young professional and university graduate knows that a well-respected language certificate can open the door to new and exciting career opportunities. That’s why choosing the Oxford Test of English is fast becoming a top choice for ambitious university graduates and young professionals.

As well as the reputation of Oxford University, the Oxford Test of English offers many great advantages.

  1. You can take it all year round!
  2. It covers the most popular levels, A2 (Pre-Intermediate), B1 (Intermediate) and B2 (Upper-Intermediate)
  3. It uses the latest in ‘adaptive testing’. This means you don’t need to know your level before booking the test. Everyone takes the same test and it will accurately measure your exact level.
  4. Everything is online, so, no pens or paper required. Just turn up and your test centre will provide everything you need.
  5. You get your results in just 14 days or less! This is a huge advantage over most other tests of English.
  6. You don’t need to pay for an expensive exam preparation course. There are no exam techniques or tricks to learn. Just turn up for your test and answer the questions.
  7. You can be tested on all the major language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing), or choose which areas you want a certificate in. This means you have much greater flexibility than with traditional tests.
  8. Your certificate is valid forever! This is a huge advantage as many certificates are only valid for 2 years. So, you only need to take the test once and your result is good forever!

And, of course, your certificate is the only one that is backed by Oxford University!

Taking the test could not be easier, especially if you are an Emerald student.

We have been working with Oxford for several years supporting them in developing this test and we are delighted to be the first official test centre in Ireland. All you need to do to arrange the test with us is speak to someone in the Academic Office. Couldn’t be easier.

And once you take the test, you’ll have your result in 14 days!

If you have any questions about taking the Oxford Test of English with Emerald, then contact us.

Discover more about the test here.


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