What is English for Academic Purposes?

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is more than just a manner of speaking and writing.
It is a skill. It helps develop our critical thinking faculties, and guides us on how to judge, criticise, evaluate, and corroborate information. EAP teaches us how to acknowledge the ideas and works of others.

In today’s world, English is the language of global communication. Beyond its use in business or employment prospects, the language is the medium in which so many social, political, artistic, and academic ideas are exchanged and discussed. Academic English gives us the skills to speak and write about such topics in concise and sophisticated ways.

In a world of disinformation and distrust, EAP hones our ability to filter, assess, and analyse the vast waves of information we face on a regular basis in our daily lives. Broadening our language knowledge and skills helps us to both consciously and unconsciously make decisions using such information appropriately. EAP also trains us to synthesise ideas from different sources, leading to our formation of robust arguments and creative ideas.

EAP is a powerful tool that can assist us in reaching goals successfully and responsibly in our professional and personal lives. It leads to better communication, and a freer exchange of ideas across cultures – two essential aspects of our globally-integrated society.


Darren O’Brien, English for Academic Purposes Programme Co-Ordinator