CAE: a challenging and rewarding qualification

The Cambridge Advanced certificate (CAE) is a challenging and rewarding qualification recognised the world over. Not only does a successful result in the exam demonstrate a high degree of competence in the language. Also, it underlines one’s ability to focus and put in a significant amount of work in attaining the certificate.

A dedicated Cambridge Advanced course is two-fold. It first reenforces the student’s own language range and accuracy, building a sophisticated and varied vocabulary, integrated with a high level of grammatical complexity. A Cambridge Advanced course also develops the learner’s language skills. It hones in on the particular tasks that all candidates need to complete in the exam.

The course and language associated therein are for student who wish to challenge themselves to broaden their linguistic horizons and develop elegant and natural speaking and writing skills. A particular emphasis is placed on complex sentence structure and collocation. The aim is lifting a learner’s level beyond competent communication, to that of a speaker with high confidence in any situation in which they are using English; professionally, academically, or socially.

Before deciding to enrol in a Cambridge Advanced preparation course, learners should already have a very strong grounding in the fundamental grammatical structures up to B2. The preparation course will expand on and embellish these structures. It will provide the candidates with the tools needed to deal with more-unfamiliar higher-level vocabulary.

Working hard is essential; success in the exam requires dedication outside of the classroom as well as in. At the end of course, this dedication will pay off; in form of a great sense personal achievement in addition to the CAE certificate itself.


Darren O’Brien, English for Academic Purposes Programme Co-Ordinator