Intensive Course + Fencing | UK

The intensive course is designed for students either who wish to spend more time in the classroom perfecting their language skills or who wish to participate in specialised afternoon activities, while at the same time joining our varied social programme.

Students at Worth School will have the exciting opportunity to participate in the traditional sport of fencing. Taking place in the school’s Fencing Salle, our experienced instructor will lead the students through 6 hours per week of modern fencing techniques.

Students attending one of our intensive electives will also have the opportunity to participate in our afternoon cultural visits and full-day excursions at the weekend.

Learn more

  • 15 hours of general English group tuition per week
  • 6 hours of Fencing lessons per week
  • Starts on fixed dates and is subject to a minimum number of participants
  • A minimum level of good English is required 
  • Cultural visits 2 afternoons per week 
  • 7 evening activities per week (residence)
  • One full day excursion per week to places of cultural interest

What is included

  • Tuition (60 minutes per lesson) 
  • Transport to and from ECI activities
  • Programme of extra-curricular activities
  • Residential accommodation sharing with full board
  • One full day excursion every week
  • Welcome kit
  • Use of textbooks & teaching materials
  • Diploma on completion of course
  • Registration and administration fees