Academic Year Programmes

Flexibility is key when it comes to our Academic Year programmes. Our expert staff design a study path to suit each student's starting level, academic needs and learning objectives. Academic mentors, class teachers and the Director of Studies monitor the progress of all of our Academic Year Students. The programme allows students to combine different courses and modules and our team is always on hand to help students identify the best path for them. Students enrolled in the Academic Year Programme usually begin in our Intensive Course to gain a firm grounding in general English skills. After that, students of an appropriate level can take part in our other 20-hour courses, such as Cambridge and IELTS Examination.

Emerald Experience:

  • 60-minute lessons
  • Written and oral assessment tests
  • Ongoing Academic support and monitoring
  • Use of multi-media facilities
  • Free supervised study sessions in the afternoons
  • Regular progress reports
  • Study Plans designed with Academic Mentors for long-term students
  • Free programme of workshops and seminars
  • Interesting and stimulating course materials
  • Rich and varied social programme
  • Welcome Kit with maps and student handbook
  • Recognised test preparation centre for TOEIC, TIE, Trinity Examinations and Oxford Test of English
  • Cambridge Examination Venue and Preparation Centre for Cambridge and IELTS examinations
  • Course Diploma with student report
  • Exclusive access to Emerald Student Website with essential information for students

Services For Long-Term Students:

Academic Mentoring:

Every Academic Year student is assigned a personal mentor for the duration of their programme. The mentor, a senior member of the teaching staff, provides academic guidance, advice and support in order to help students to make the most of their studies. The personal mentor works together with students to help them in the following areas:
  • study planning
  • monitoring progress
  • varied course options
  • afternoon module choices
  • examination registration & preparation
  • study skills
  • career and further study opportunities

How the Mentoring Programme operates:

1. The tutor meets the students in their first week of study to design a study plan and set academic goals.
2. Students have regular scheduled meetings throughout their course with their mentor to review and assess their course objectives.
3. A record is kept of each student’s progress, and class teachers provide the mentors with an academic report on each student in advance of the meetings.
4. Students receive regular progress reports and a final report and certificate at the end of their programme.
5. The mentors, teachers and the Director of Studies are always available to assist or consult with students outside of the scheduled meetings.
6. Students can meet and consult with our Academic team to discuss their further study options.

Seminars and Career Guidance:

We run a series of informative seminars to help our Academic Year students settle into life in Ireland and make the most of their experience. Seminars include:

- Living and Working in Ireland
- CV Preparation & Interview Techniques
- Immigration Procedures & Registration
- Further Study Options
- Completing College Application Forms

We provide information and details about pathway and university foundation programmes as well as the different third level options which can be accessed by students.

Internship Option:

This programme allows students to gain valuable experience in their chosen field working in an English-speaking environment. Students who wish to add an unpaid internship to their programme should provide a CV and list of their preferred areas for placement. Non-EU students registering with Immigration for a 25-week programme are eligible for the internship option during their official holiday periods. For further information check the Internship Programme page.

Sample Study Path:

Students joining our Academic Year Programme can choose different Intensive (20 hours) or Intensive Plus (26 hours) options within their study path. 

- Intensive Course (20 Hours)
- Cambridge Examination Course (20 hours)
- IELTS Examination Course (20 hours)
- Intensive Plus Speaking Skills (26 hours)
- Intensive Plus Business (26 hours)
- Intensive Plus EAP (26 hours)
- Intensive Plus IELTS Preparation (26 hours)

Programmes and Durations:

Programme 25 weeks duration 35 weeks duration
Academic Year
Intensive Course
20 hours group tuition for 25 weeks 20 hours group tuition for 35 weeks
Academic Year
Intensive Plus Course
26 hours group tuition for 25 weeks 26 hours group tuition for 35 weeks
Academic Year
Combined Course
20 hours for 12 weeks and
26 hours for 13 weeks
20 hours for 17 weeks and
​26 hours for 18 weeks

Important Information:

Academic Year Programmes may be subject to change as a result of updates to the current Immigration Guidelines and Procedures.

Immigration regulations require all non-EU students to undertake a recognised examination at the end of an Academic Year Programme. Recognised Examinations accepted by Immigration include IELTS, Cambridge Examinations and the Test of Interactive English (TIE).