5 skills to learn whilst in Lockdown

With this sudden surge of free time, it’s leaving people wondering what they should be doing with it. This can be an overwhelming experience, especially for young professionals who were used to spending most of their time outside either working, studying or socialising. This is a time to be positive! It’s not all bad, after all. You can use this time to learn new things, and there are plenty of resources available online to help you learn.

Here are some suggestions:



Coding is a valuable skill to start learning right now. Start with an online class like Code Academy, which offers free classes where you will set projects, have access to step-by-step guidance by coding experts and peer support from other students, all without leaving the house.



It’s important to stay as healthy as possible right now, and home cooking plays a massive part in that. This is the best time to learn this skill! There are so many recipe books or ideas online for people with a range of abilities, dietary requirements and tastes. Now that you’re at home, there’s much more chance of trying a new recipe. There are also plenty of apps to help you to improve your culinary skills, Tasty and BigOven are two apps that we would recommend, and they are both free!


Playing a musical instrument

Most people regret not learning how to play an instrument when they were younger. It can be hard to find time to learn when adult life gets in the way. Now would be the perfect time to try and master whichever instrument you’ve always wanted to play! The guitar would be a great instrument to learn, and Fender.com is offering 3 months of free guitar lessons as a kind gesture during this time.



These are stressful and uncertain times for everybody, which can bring out feelings of stress and anxiety. Yoga can help calm your nerves and give you peace of mind. You may also find your house is more crowded than usual, with family members moving back in and working from home, so getting that time alone for some peace and quiet could help. You will become more physically and mentally fit, which is essential in times like these. There are thousands of yoga videos on YouTube, but the channel POPSUGAR Fitness has some really good ones.



Painting is considered a form of therapy because it relaxes you and also improves your creativity. There is a wide range of ways to paint, including watercolour, acrylic, oils, or even pastels! If you’re a beginner, acrylic paint would be your ideal choice as it dries quickly and it’s easy to use. The best YouTube channels that have painting tutorials for beginners are Emily Mackey Art and AhmadArt.